HFT Winter Cup

A very winter start to the year in field shooting.

The first air gun shooting this year was in typical winter weather. Frost, wind and snow welcomed the shooters in Pyskowice at the competition organized by the Hunter Team club from Silesia. This is the first edition of the HFT winter cup. A minimum of three out of five starts are required to qualify for the cup and be entered into the prize draw.

Over 60 shooters came to the first Hunter Field Target competition in 2024 in the upcoming Winter Cup.
The competition track had 30 figures placed one per station. An interesting feature was the alternating arrangement of the track. This meant shooting sometimes from the left and sometimes from the right, which complicated the determination of the windage correction.

The gusts were so strong that the shooters often had to make corrections by aiming the cross completely away from the figure. A mistake in such a place resulted in missing even the plate and zero points. This happened to various shooters during the competition.

A maximum of 60 points could be scored, according to the scoring system: 2 (hit) – 1 (plate) – 0 (miss). The HFT 1 winner scored 55 points and the HFT2 (spring) scorer scored 54 points. These are very good results considering the difficult weather conditions.

I managed to score 53 points in HFT1 and was ONE point away from third place.
Ultimately, I finished shooting in fourth place. For an area where various editions of HFT competitions are organized, I am very pleased, because for the first time Dzierżno was kind to me, allowing me to score so many points.

I invite you to watch a short report from this edition of the competition. See you on the track

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