Field shooting is an outdoor sport. Competitions are organized in interesting places for everyday recreation, adapted to a shooting course.

A typical HFT track is composed of 20 stations each with two metal figures imitating figures of small animals (beaver, fox, crow). Each figure has a black circular zone called the “HIT ZONE”. Hitting it with a pellet causes the metal figurine to fall over. Then the competitor writes down 2 points for the starting card. Hitting only the metal part of the figure, but not knocking it down, is worth one point. In case of a miss, the shooter receives 0 points from the position.

Groups of competitors are selected so that there are at least two people at one stand.

The figure falls when it hits a circular zone. The competitor scores 2 points or 1 point for hitting the metal and zero points for a “miss”. The points are added up from the entire track and the competitor with the highest number of points wins.


The position from which we shoot at the figure is marked with a special wooden or plastic stake. This is the support point that we must absolutely touch while shooting. Another difficulty is the windbreaker, which can only touch the ground at one point of contact (usually the back of the windbreaker).

The figure can be placed at a distance from the shooter of between 7 – 42 meters. The so-called circular hit zone The “HIT ZONE” that knocks it down can have different sizes from 15 – 40mm.

You should estimate the distance using the optics mounted on the air gun in order to fire one accurate shot, taking into account other factors, such as the ground and wind.

Most positions on the track can be fired in any position. This means most often lying down. However, there are also positions with a forced position. Then you should shoot as described at the position while standing or kneeling.

You need to estimate the distance by looking through the scope to properly hit the figure’s “HIT ZONE”. After all, you are fighting for 2 points!


There are two categories of field shooting and you should choose one. This is done depending on the air gun you have.

You can choose yours using the table below:

PCP air guns are more precise, require additional equipment (pump, cylinder) and are therefore more expensive. Spring air rifles are a classic in a beautiful village. You have to think about what you have or want to have?


Precise shooting requires training. A lot of shot fired and time spent. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this at the shooting range. All you need is your own garden or another place where you can shoot confidently while observing general safety rules.

An additional difficulty in field HFT shooting is the use of the so-called hit zones (HZ) on figures (black circle) in the range of 15 – 40 mm:

Distance to a target with a hit zone of 15-19mm: 12 – 23m
Distance to a target with a hit zone of 20-24mm: 7 – 28m
Distance to a target with a hit zone of 25-34mm: 7 – 37m
Distance to a target with a hit zone of 35-40mm: 7 – 42m

There are also so-called stances on the track. forced. The competitor must shoot at the target while standing or kneeling at the stake. The maximum distance to the target is 32 meters.