Walther LG400 MONOTEC – adjusting airgun

When shooting at a target in training and in competitions, I discovered that as the temperature changes, the point of impact changes.

During the competition, the rifle cooled down to the ambient temperature by about 3 degrees, which changed the point of impact. This was very unfavorable during the competition because it had a direct impact on the results.
I was at the indoor shooting range to check the rifle and I had no problems. Perfectly on point, 50 pieces of pellets!

I decided to make a few changes to the structure of the rifle so that the temperature change would not affect it so much. The changes also keep the system and the rifle more stable. Unfortunately, the released barrel loses the properties of the Monotec version (reduction of shot vibrations) and becomes an ordinary LG400.

I’ve only had the Walther LG400 monotec for a few months and it may turn out that the changes are unnecessary. I’m currently testing my changes and will check the regulator, but it should be good since it’s new equipment, straight from the box. There will also be tests with a different barrel holder, but in subsequent episodes.