IWA – Nuremberg – AEA, Valiant, March, Steyr, Walther, Epic, Air Arms

Walther presented its new design, the LG500, and Feinwerkbau also presented its 900 match rifle for 7.5j. Bad news for all HFT shooters like me, unfortunately Walther is not planning to create a 16j version at the moment. Unfortunately, for the Hunter Field Target, the proven LG400 design or older versions remain.

Winerauch showed off a new version of the popular PCP air rifle. On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the company’s activity, it released a limited version of up to 300 pieces of the HW100 rifle. Subscribe to my channel, because it may soon appear on the hft.one channel.

It is impossible to see everything, especially if I would like to own a PCP rifle in the range of 20 to 40 rubles. So many manufacturers presented themselves at the fair, including relatively new ones, such as EPIC air guns with their new model of air gun called EPIC TWO. that I wouldn’t know which one to choose. Let me know in the comment if you recommend or have anything in this range or even above 100J?

Valiant presented a wide range of spotting scopes at the fair, and two new models, specially designed for HFT with variable and fixed magnification, are particularly interesting. The Themis 2 series scopes have been designed for both advanced and beginner HFT shooters. In particular, the Valiant Themes II telescope with a fixed magnification of 10 and a 32mm tube that minimizes the parallax error with a cross in the background and an MRAD reticle is a very interesting proposition. If you want to learn more about this scope, subscribe to my channel. It will appear soon.

AEA Zeus, HW100, Walther LG500