Poland Hunter Field Target national championship 2024

The best Hunter Field Target shooters came to the two-day Polish championship. On Saturday, the conditions were good, although there was wind accompanying the shooters.

The track is set in a meadow near Lake Borowo with mainly long distances. Hit zone figure 40mm at 40 meters. The second, smaller part of the track was located on the opposite side in the forest. It was also windy there and adjustments were needed for the wind.

On Sunday, earlier forecasts unfortunately came true. There was a gusty wind with a speed of up to 75KM/H.

The real fight for points has begun! On the one hand, you had to overcome the psychological barrier of aiming at the figure completely beyond its edge, and on the other hand, you had to remember that too small a correction or a momentary break in the wind would result in a shot completely outside the figure.

Corrections in such a strong and unstable wind amounted to 3 dots (3 lines to the side from the center of the cross). At this stage, many shooters misjudged the shot, or the wind changed course or strength, and scored the shot 0 points (score 2 (overturned) – 1 (hit) – 0 miss).

Were my wind corrections correct? I invite you to watch the report from the competition.