How to choose 4.5mm pellets for an air gun

JSB is the most popular pellet, precisely because of its parameters and quality. The relatively good price ratio makes the JSB pellet one of the most frequently used pellets by shooters in the popular Hunter Field Target shooting range.
So far, I have also been shooting with JSB DIABLO Exact pellets, but changing the PCP air gun to the STEYR CHALLENGE forced me to check the matrix.

Not all rifles, or rather their barrels, shoot equally with the same pellets. Even if you have a pack of good JSb EXACT, it may turn out that one rifle shoots perfectly and the other just the opposite.

I wanted to see for myself whether the STEYR CHALLENGE carabiner, in which I use JSB EXACt from matrix number 54, is a good choice.
The matrix number is the batch of shot currently produced by the manufacturer. At any given time, the manufacturer usually offers several different matrices (batches of shot).

It’s best to find out for yourself which pellets are best for a specific air gun, but how to do it? The easiest way is to ask the seller for several different packs of pellets from different matrices and test it yourself.

However, I went a step further and visited the pellet manufacturer, JSB.
Will I choose my current JSB DIABOLO EXACT pellets from matrix number 54? Will my air rifle be accurate at 50m?
That’s all in the episode about selecting pellets. I invite.